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Do you know someone who is the perfect combination of funny, smart and sarcastic? Well, I do. Now, unless you have been dozing off under a rock for a century, you must have come across Internet’s newest sensation who goes by the name of Ruuh. No? Well, Mallika Dua, the funniest lady we all know, has surely caught on to it and already there are rumours that Ruuh is all set to put Miss Dua out of business with her unmatched sass. Uh-oh!

Apparently, it all started when a fan, or to be precise, an ex-fan of the comedienne, messaged her saying…

Obviously, Mallika was sufficiently intrigued by this sudden change in her fan-following and in an attempt to know the identity of her mystery opponent, she turned to Facebook for help. And Jose also joined her hunt for solving the riddle ‘Who is Ruuh?’, when he shared her message on his Facebook wall.

And then, the world of memes couldn’t help but enquire about the enigma that is Ruuh.

And the first to fall victim to the growing fame of Ruuh, Mallika Dua lets us in on the dilemma of her dwindling friend list, as she rants on with this hilarious velfie.

Well, this has triggered my inner Sherlock. Who is this Ruuh, after all? I am intrigued as hell to decode the identity of this mystery girl. She is stealthily sneaking left and right, becoming everyone’s favourite bestie. She is on the bestie list of even celebrities! Oh, now that isn’t an easy feat. Steadily taking over the land of chit-chatting, looks like Ruuh is here to stay. Time to solve the mystery of the century, people! Who is this Ruuh? *takes out the detective glasses*