From the stone man syndrome to the one which doesn’t let you open your eyes for days, the world is full of unusual medical conditions.

One such rare condition is Syndactyly. In this condition, some or all of the fingers or toes are wholly or partly united, looking just like a web. However, there is a family in Alappuzha, Kerala which considers this malformation God’s blessing.

Over 140 members of this blacksmith family have webbed hands. Though they have the option to go for surgery, they do not want to opt for it as they consider this as a blessing. Jagadamma, a member of the family said to The Times of India – 

“The webbed hands look like a snake’s hood. Our ancestral home has a sacred grove where snakes are worshipped. We consider it as a blessing.”

Though it isn’t clear as to what triggered this condition in the family, there are some speculations. Another member of the family,  K M Bhargavan added – 

“My grandfather had told me about a feud our family had with a Christian family over our property boundaries. The Christian family cut down one of the trees at our sacred grove. Ever since, the children of our family were born with webbed hands. The Christian family too were besieged by some kind of illness and they soon abandoned the land and left the place. We don’t know whether the story is true or not.”

However, this genetic condition doesn’t cause any hindrance to them while performing any kind of day-to-day activity. It’s just that they ‘can’t wear any rings’. Another member, Girishkumar said – 

“I work as a JCB driver. Before that I used to work as a welder and fitter. I haven’t faced any physical issues and I can work as any other normal person. I don’t feel bad about having webbed hands. I considered it as blessing.”

The condition is running in the family over the course of two generations and continues to be a blessing for them.

Introduce yourself to the family here:

H/T: The Times of India