In association with Nestaway

Call me whatever you want, but I sure do like my chicken all dressed up and on a plate. No offense to any of the vegetarians out there, but unless my weekly dinners consist of at least one non-vegetarian meal, I don’t feel complete. And you know what, my carnivorous friends? I lived in a hostel that had a strict ‘No Non-Veg’ policy, followed by a roommate who ran ten feet away from anything that had feathers on it, so I understand your pain. 

We non-veggies are an outcast breed, which is why the guy in this video by NestAway made me say, “Bruh, I know, bruh.” It doesn’t stop there, though. To deter his Nurse Ratchet-y landlady from finding out the truth about his culinary skills, he comes up with a fix that, while outrageous, is something worth seriously considering. Watch and have the laugh of your day.