Everyone loves their dogs. And no one loves losing them. However, no one loves their dogs like the people in the MP village Namdarpura do. After their dog Kalu died, the residents of the village decided to bid him goodbye in the most respectful way possible. 

The villagers from Nambarpura, about 30 killometres from state capital Bhopal, treated the dog like a family member for the 27 years it lived. And, it was evident from the way they tearfully bid adieu to their friend.


According to a report by India Today, they loved their dog so much that they carried out a funeral procession after it died. The villagers put the body of Kalu in a jeep that they had decorated with flowers. The procession was also accompanied by a band. As they moved forward, they also showered the dead body of the canine with flowers to show their affection.

The funeral procession was attended not only by all the people in Namdarpura but also by some people from surrounding villages. That shows how loved the dog was. 

At a time when we hear continuously more stories about humans treating animals badly, this is a surprisingly heartwarming relief.