Time and again, the Indian Police have solved many cases and mysteries for which we are undoubtedly proud of. Needless to say, they are leaving no stone unturned while performing their duty. However, whether it’s politics, business, or the police world, there are some human beings who do not think twice while misusing the powers that they have. And in return, their actions only make the whole community look bad.  Here’s one such incident that will make you cringe with disgust. 

On Sunday morning, at around 2am, a group of friends was allegedly treated roughly by the Mumbai cops when they were chilling by the sea face close to the Gateway of India. 


Anand Sachar is one of the friends who went through the bad night. He shared the incident with his fellow friends on Facebook along with a video that clearly shows the rude behaviour of the policemen with the lot.

Sachar concluded the post with the following lines –