The streets of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida are an unforgiving, dangerous jungle. A combination of road rage, entitlement and a heightened sense of self-importance leads to frequent, and sometimes violent scuffles. Recently however, a lot of these incidents have been getting the needed attention, thanks to concerned citizens making efforts to record the events on their phones.

Prashant Saxena was one such brave soul. On August 24, he posted a video of a purpoted VIP fighting with another man to give way at a stop light at Noida’s Sector 57 traffic signal. The video showed a man allegedly trying to bully another fellow on a two-wheeler to make way for his car while the light was still red. Remarkably, the other man remained poised and refused to budge. Here’s the VIP below in all his scowling glory.


Following this, the VIP’s daughter notices Prashant taking the video, and promptly snitches to her dad, who then apparently tries to take the phone. However, according to Prashant, his cab driver quickly got him out of there safely. Watch below.

If this is actually how things went down, it’s plain sad to see the kind of behaviour people on the roads exhibit. Props to the person taking the video, as well as the man on the two-wheeler for standing his ground.