People from all around the world are inventing new things every day. What boggles my mind are those unusual ‘revolutionary’ ideas! Here’s one such company that developed ‘a personal pervert alert’ system for anyone who often struggles with his pants’ zipper. 

A company called Chaotic R&D has developed a technology system called Noti-Fly, that lets you know when your fly is down.


How does it work? The pants are woven with electronic fabric and a circuit board, which installs a fabric-based switch in both the button and the zipper.

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To activate it, you just need to button up your pants. And if there comes a situation when you forget to close the zipper, the system immediately sends a notification to your phone via Bluetooth.

“The result? Your fly stays closed, and your dignity remains intact. We’re saving the world, one ego at a time,” says the official website.


Watch the video to know more about it:

Genius or not, what do you think?