I still remember the Prison Break Season 4 finale. I hated the way it ended. I couldn’t understand why Michael Scofield had to die. I mean, I got why he had to sacrifice himself to save the others but seriously, couldn’t the scriptwriters think of another ending? One where good ol’ Mike didn’t have to die?

Well, at long last, it seems like they’ve heard my plea because they’re back with Season 5 and as it turns out, Michael is alive!

Now as we wait with baited breath for the Season 5 premiere, the folks at Fox have been kind enough to let us in on the first 5 minutes of the upcoming episode. What are you waiting for? Watch it already!

So yes, Michael Scofield is alive! But then, we already guessed that when news of the latest season broke. 

Now to wait for Episode 1 later tonight!

Masthead and feature images sourced from IGN