Dr Shashi Tharoor has never been one to mince words. 

In 2015, during his speech at the Oxford Union, he called out Britain’s imperial rule on India and why it should apologize for its political and economic policies that destroyed India and pushed it back by several decades. 

His speech was applauded by everyone for calling Britain out for the wounds that are still sore in every Indian’s heart. 

Once again, Tharoor made a solid point while speaking on his latest book Inglorious Empire and how Britain has a “historical amnesia” about their colonial rule, which sucked dry one of the richest economies of the 18th century.

Here’s the clipping where he assertively tells the host how Britain doesn’t teach history surrounding the industrial revolution and exploitation of its colonies to their kids.

It’s not very often that we see our politicians make a point with such dignity but Tharoor has always been a pro at it!