Thanks to the advent of globalisation in the 90s, we had some awesome cartoons for company while growing up. Cartoons like Aladdin, TaleSpin and Chip n’ Dale.  

Ah! the good ol’ days!


The best part was that all these cartoons were dubbed brilliantly in Hindi.

One such awesome cartoon was Duck Tales.

Screen crush

And as most of you would remember, the only thing more awesome than the cartoon was the theme song in Hindi!

Zindagi toofani hai, jahan hai, Duckburg!


However, while most of us know the Hindi theme song by heart, do you know who sung it?

Quick hint: He’s the son of one of the best known Bollywood singers ever.


Well, it was sung by none other than Amit Kumar!


And as surprising as it may sound, he happens to be the son of legendary singer Kishore Kumar!


Amit Kumar enjoyed a successful innings in Bollywood as a playback singer, often collaborating with Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi, before he decided to focus more on live stage shows.

No wonder the Duck Tales theme song sounded way more melodious in Hindi!

Check out the theme song in Hindi right here.