Almost 1% of the American population is made up of Indians, but if one takes a look at some of the statistics regarding jobs and education, things tend to get pretty interesting. The YouTube page The Young Turks put up a pertinent discussion regarding the massive differences between the lives of Indians in the USA and the general US population, and it’s pretty enlightening, to say the least. 

For one, 67% of Indians in the States have a Bachelor’s degree, as opposed to only 28% of the general population. Similarly, the average household income of Indians in the States is $90,000, as opposed to $50,000 for the general population. 

As the man in the video rightly points out, this isn’t due to some magic gene or ability, it’s due to a combination of the Indian work ethic, an expectation to go to and do well at school, and the will to try different businesses – a very relevant and perceptive claim. Watch the video below!

Obviously, the comparison isn’t wholly on the level, considering that a lot of the Indians who move to the States are usually those with the means and the money to do so. However, his reflections about the Indian work ethic and drive to succeed are spot on, and something we can all take pride in!