What can you possibly expect from a 6-year-old? Go to school, play with friends, run around the house, ask way too many questions and basically have no clue about life, right? While this may be true for most kids of this age, Nihal Raj is clearly an exception.

The bubbly six-year-old, who can cook mouth-watering dishes like Jam Cookies and Oreo Truffles, is winning the internet with his passion for food and culinary talent. 

The young chef runs his own YouTube channel and also hosts it like a boss!


At an age when kids can’t get past the thought of playing video games and collecting cards, Nihal Raj has a whole career planned out for himself. The little chef has been in the kitchen since he was 5-years-old and gathered most of his culinary education from his mother. 

Recently, he made $2000 as Facebook bought the rights to his Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream video!


The little chef, who loves to blend and mix, aspires to be the first to cook in outer space and become an Astronaut Chef! Donning the chef’s uniform and hat, little Nihal makes everyone go ‘aww’ as he puts his heart and soul into preparing these dishes. Ice-popsicles were his first recipe and he has never looked back since.

Check out the talented little chef weave his magic with his culinary skills. You can watch more of Nihal’s cooking videos on his YouTube channel Kichatube HD

Way to go Nihal!