To civilians, INS Vikrant might have been just a battleship, rightfully serving its country, but to its officers, the ship was their mother. From protecting them against enemies to helping them win wars, the regal aircraft carrier was India’s pride for over three decades. Unfortunately, we as a nation were not able to give INS Vikrant a fitting tribute. 

“INS Vikrant in one word would be… Mother.” – Rear Admiral S.K. Gupta, MVC, NM

After 36 long years of service, the 1971 war hero was put to rest and was reduced to a heap of scrap in 2014. The news came as a shock to all the ‘Sons Of Vikrant’, the officers who had made INS Vikrant their home while they were guarding the nation. Recently Bajaj, who has immortalised the battleship by crafting a special series of bikes using its armoured plated hull, reached out to the officers and asked them to share some memories about the ship. 

This story of the regal aircraft carrier and her sons will leave you teary-eyed…

What’s more, this amazing gesture by Bajaj has also been saluted by the various celebs on Twitter: