Right after a girl turns 12 and her period clock begins, her life completely changes. As if the mere acceptance that her body would be leaking and bursting with cramps once a month wasn’t enough, society also begins showing its true colours. Without getting any time to comprehend it, she’s told she’s now impure. And so, she can’t touch pickles, enter Temple, or cook any food while menstruating.

Menstruating ain’t easy. But you know what makes it scary? The lack of awareness and problematic myths and superstitions surrounding it.

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Having grown up in an urban setting, I can vouch that these myths are not refrained to rural areas, contrary to the popular view. Canadian poet Rupi Kaur recently shared a moving Instagram post addressing the stigma around periods in the world.


In her post, she shared how in 2015, Instagram had censored a photo showcasing a woman on her period. Nonetheless, the photo went viral, & then came unsolicited opinions from men who know about periods; but found themselves liable to calling it disgusting.

Kaur addressed the dangerous misconceptions around menstruation existing worldwide. From viewing period blood as unclean to young girls dropping out of school and getting forbidden to travel in public spaces, the misinformation is massive. She also mentioned how women’s experiences are invalidated in the West just because people in power don’t get periods.

She ended her post by stating how work needs to be done & ‘it begins by openly talking about it.’ And it makes so much sense. Periods are a very natural, biological part of a woman’s life, and the dehumanising stigma around it deprives her of the healthcare and quality life everyone deserves.

People are lauding Kaur’s post & calling for change.

Instagram – Rupi Kaur
Instagram – Rupi Kaur
Instagram – Rupi Kaur
Instagram – Rupi Kaur
Instagram – Rupi Kaur

Menstruating is as natural as light in the day. As somebody mentioned in the comments, it’s the only blood not borne of violence. It’s a shame that it’s so misunderstood.

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