In our sequel piece for men having no clue about how women’s bodies work, we have someone getting horrified by a bra ad. Cos haww ladkiyaan bra bhi pehenti hain? 

A man was appalled by a perfectly normal Nykaa ad titled Happy Boobs = Happy Days. Apparently, the sight of a woman in a bra advertisement was supremely problematic to him. Reason? Manosphere syndrome, perhaps. He thought it was a horrible objectification and sexualisation of the woman when, in fact, it was only his head that did so.

Twitter was quick to call him out for his ‘bra problems.’

No, they should hide it with a black sticker, just like how they used to wrap sanitary pads in black polythene. It’s too outrageous for men to handle women being biologically different.





And then they come and say, ‘it’s a woman’s fault.’ Like yea, sure, having different bodies than men is a sacrilege!

Did you not know women wear bras? Or do women not exist in your world?