Not expecting anybody to know the entire body anatomy of a male or a female, but sometimes, the sheer lack of knowledge —of the very basics— is discomforting. Consider this viral tweet as an example. Women are sharing some really stupid statements from men about them. This thread is the ultimate proof that some men have no effing clue about how women’s bodies function.

LOL. Can you believe this? But, this doesn’t end here.

Reading these has got me like Janice’s “OH MY GOD!”

Oh! That precious drop.

By the way, we’re not even remotely close to the end of this out-of-the-world list of ludicrous statements.

I am pretty confident that I can pull-off a Netflix Special just by reading these tweets.

Being able to schedule periods does seem like a cool idea tho! But what the heck.

All of this is chilling.

What if the moon is hidden behind the clouds? Do we have to see the moon or it’ll just happen automatically? (Sorry, the thread has given me a shock)

I know this thread is hilarious. But, it is also extremely shocking and deeply worrisome. This piece is a reminder that sex education is immensely important. And also that men should have no say in deciding women’s bodily rights.