Society, often, has a lot of unnecessary opinions about women. It fails to recognize that women who stay at home and work as homemakers and caregivers also require some time off from the unending chores of the day. Homemaking and caregiving are often ignored as jobs because patriarchy expects only women to engage in these activities.

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Take a look around your house at any festival. Women work tirelessly throughout the day and don’t get enough time to actually enjoy the festival. Furthermore, they also do not get to spend some quality time with the guests. The only time they get for themselves is when they finally go to bed at the end of the day or when they take washroom breaks.

Recently, a man had an unnecessary take on why women take longer time in the washroom. Taking to Twitter, the man tweeted how he thought that women spend time in the washroom to avoid household chores. Take a look at the tweet here.

While the account which tweeted this is a satirical account and the tweet is a joke (a poor one), you cannot disagree with the fact that there are some men who actually think this is true. When a woman decides to take out some time for herself, questions arise over what will happen to house chores and who will do them.

The tweet ignited a debate on social media. Some responded with an equal amount of satire, others chipped in with their stories. Here’s what people had to say about it.
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This reminds me of a quote I read on social media once. The quote said, “all women are working women, only a few are salaried,” and that speaks volumes.

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