Sexism exists. It’s real and it happens so often with women that sadly, women have accepted it as a part of their lives. The most subtle form of sexism is when a woman goes to a restaurant with a man and the server offers the drinks menu to the man and the food menu to the woman.

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We found a Reddit thread where women across the world shared how often they face sexism in their lives. The answers give a reality check. Read on to find out more.

1. “I had a bit of a gobsmacking incident last year when I pulled over trying to be a nice person to a guy whose car needed starting up. I don’t know what came over me to do it, but I did. I offered my help and he straight up declined and said ‘I wouldn’t trust a woman with a car in a thousand years.’ I was gobsmacked. Literally, that was a verbal slap on the face.” – Mavish_pretty92

2. “I am in the legal industry in Canada, and female associates are constantly disrespected. Female managers are spoken down to and yelled at by male partners. It is sad.” – HuronNeuron

3. “I watched the pay gap play out in real-time, in my own life. I used to be in a relationship with a man in a similar industry and role as mine. Within a year of beginning his career in an entry-level position, he was making the same salary as me. Within two years, he was earning more. Now, he makes nearly double – this is all with significantly less experience.” – francoise-fringe

4. “Where I work- the men are ‘mate’ and the women are ‘love’. I’d rather be a ‘mate’.” – 46Vixen

5. “I live in the Netherlands. I get catcalled when I go for a run or I deal with minor harassment when going to a bar. I help my mom deal with her sexist boss. I work in a nursing home where I constantly answer questions like ‘are you married yet?’, ‘Why don’t you have children yet?’, etc.” – GirlSailor14

6. “I’m from France. I worked as a barmaid in different establishments. All my colleagues and I have anecdotes about sexism (intrusive questions about our sexual life, disproportionate insults, infantilizing behaviour, etc). In a subtle-st way, most of the time we are recruited for our appearance.” – ConferenceTerrible11

7. “I bartend at a music venue in the US and the amount of men who just don’t value my opinion or think I have no knowledge is staggering. Men will frequently ask the security guy or even the sound guy rather than just asking me, while I’m standing right there.” – Designer-Narwhal-343

8. “I work as a technician at one of the largest tech companies in the world. And boy oh boy, customer LOVE to look me up and down and say, ‘You don’t look like a technician’.” – bleep_bloop_bleh

9. “I work in tech and receive sexist comments from customers, like here and there, which doesn’t surprise me. But what does shock me is when other female customers say it, to me, sometimes in front of their own daughters.” – Dry-Sprinkles9889

10. “One really annoying form of sexism that I experience is that many white men believe that I will be ‘submissive’ and ‘traditional’ because I am from an Eastern European, Orthodox background and was not raised by American parents. They often tell me they are interested because of that.” – Ok-Narwhal12556

11. “When I was about 14 and walking to school, I had a group of guys catcalling me from their car and asking me to get in. Keep in mind, we wear school uniforms in the UK so they definitely knew I was underaged.” – chiyoya

12. “The Netherlands here. I work in a male-dominated field and haven’t experienced extreme examples, but all the little punching makes me understand why women frequently leave male-dominated fields. It’s things like overexplaining things I have very obvious experience in, being very surprised and sceptical when I point out valid technical issues, and overall extreme friendliness when talking to me compared to male colleagues.” – spacioussnowflake

13. “My home country is the centre of the news right now, and what I can tell you is that sexism is rooted in the government. A woman is basically a second-class citizen.” – kitty_withlazers

14. “From the northern part of India. Most of it comes from the family. I am studying to pursue a career in finance. It’s worth noting that, at the ages of 40-50, so many of these people who treat me like this don’t even know how to file income tax. While I can do it in an hour to a day at 20. But they still somehow believe they’re more intellectual than me.” – shealwayscomplains

15. “I am from India, South to be specific. Being a paternalistic society, a cow being ill-treated would receive more attention than a woman. But I’m currently in Sydney, Australia and it feels nice to be considered a fellow human.” – AnjaliB97

These incidents of sexism show how the world is truly unfair to women and minorities.