When it comes to birth control and protection, female condoms are often overlooked as an option. They look like the condoms that men use but are made of different materials and designed to fit vaginas!


So in case you’re curious, we’ve found this thread on Reddit where women are revealing what it feels like to wear the lesser-known or used condom. Read on. 

1. I heard it feels really good because of the inside ring. So after tracking down a non-latex version (which is weirdly difficult, ended up getting some online that were from a brand I’d never heard of), I tried it. I don’t remember the feeling, because I was way more focused on holding onto it from the outside with my fingers. Because with every thrust it felt like he was pushing it inside me and it would get stuck. Not sure if it was just the brand or because my partner is quite large.  We change positions… suddenly it has disappeared. and he says it’s definitely not inside me – he couldn’t feel it at all. 2 days later I birthed it. Yup. Never again.

–  Pineapples4Rent

2. Tried it once but not sure if we used it wrong. It made so much noise that we had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing.

– alrezin

3. Tried it once, felt similar to using a male condom but was much more expensive. Don’t see the appeal personally. I also feel like the male condom is easier to wear and dispose of.

– Zelfzuchtig

4. It felt like a plastic bag from the grocery store. Frankly, I don’t think I put it on right. It did not feel secure at all and it was just moving around in me. I’m on birth control, so this was just for another form of protection and meant for experimental purposes. Otherwise, there’s a lot of room for mistakes.

– SpicyBebecita

5. Yep, same. Felt very loose and he would end up going down the side of it during half the thrusts. If I didn’t want to hold it in place with both hands, then I’d have to peg the edges out in my pubes somehow, like a reverse tent rope.

– queenirv

6. Tried it once, felt like having a Ziploc crammed up my cooch and sounded like it too. I think they’re a great idea, but they need some serious design work.

– Vegetable-Coast-4679

7. It wasn’t secure. The outside part wouldn’t stay in place, my partner kept entering in the space between the condom and the walls of my vagina.

– Absielle

8. It makes me really upset that they only sell them in a pack of 1 and that they’re expensive. Especially cause I would love to use them as the friction during sex gets me sore. 

–  Zealousideal_Dog_761

9. Very difficult to insert and not very sexy to look at. 

– TsT2244

10. It was fine for me. We got a few freebies in college and tried them out. If I had easy access, we probably would have kept using them, especially since my partner needed the more expensive condoms due to size. The sensation was pretty much the same as condoms. We didn’t have any problems with it sliding. I think we only did missionary with it but I can’t imagine it moving enough to be a problem. Guess I’m just lucky.

– itoldyousoanysayo

11. I thought they were fine. Worth trying, because everybody is different. Male partner preferred them. I stopped because they were expensive and then we forgot all about them.

– hopeless_garden

12. Removing it was scary! It felt like it was going to rip and I’d still end up with the uhhhh “internal deposit” that I used protection to avoid. Felt the same as a male condom during the act.

– Particular_Return166

TBH seems a little tricky!