Growing up in India, we have all picked up some habits that need to be changed. Some of these habits we know of. Some others, however, are so well imbibed within us that we don’t even dare to question it. 

1. There are only two genders – male and female.

See, that’s not even outdated. That’s just ignorant and dumb, considering the fact that when you say there are only two genders, you’re definitely denying the whole existence of billions. 

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2. Women should leave their homes and stay with their husbands’ families after marriage. 

That’s a big ol’ mountain of NOPE. Women don’t need to leave their whole lives to do unpaid work at their husband’s place. They already do that at their own houses. 

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3. Using the words Chandal, Mlechhas, Chamar etc as insults. 

If you use these words, you’re casteist as f**k Like, I can’t begin to tell you, just how much of an insensitive prick you are, to be treating certain groups of people as sub-humans. So, stop and then get your parents to stop. 


4. Respect your elders no matter what. 

Again, NOPE. You don’t have to respect anyone just because they are older than you. Every one, and I repeat, everyone needs to earn your respect. 


5. Do not talk back to your parents/teachers/relatives/village elders etc.  

Talk back to them. You should always, always talk back when you realise that your elders are bigoted in some way or the other. You don’t have to be a prick about it but you should definitely talk back. 


6. You shouldn’t interfere when your neighbourhood uncle is beating his wife up because ghar ka maamla hai

Call the cops on that bas***d. This ‘ghar ka maamla’ crap is a socially acceptable term that is always conveniently used to cover up atrocities. Sometimes, it’s domestic violence and on some other days, it’s used to silence journalists covering mass cremations. 


7. Ragging toh hota hi hai hostels mein/ Ragging is just to make first years comfortable. 

Except it shouldn’t. And that’s not what it does. Kids have legit died because of this. Call it what it is. It’s bullying and it’s not a rite of passage. If anyone tells you otherwise, you can tell them to take their heads out of that place where the sun doesn’t shine. 

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8. Uncle/Aunty/ Dada/Dadi etc etc ko hug karo/pappi do, beta. 

No beta. You don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if you had to go through crap like this as a kid, please make sure that your kid or any other kid doesn’t have to oblige to such creepy aspects of our society. 

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9. One-sided love is the best form of love because…

STFU. Most of what we call one-sided love is just stalking. And it is creepy as hell. Stay away from people who don’t want to love you. And if you are the one at the receiving end of such ‘lovers’, call the cops on them, alert your friends and family because this crap can hit the fan real soon. And stay safe. 


10. You should always consider maan-maryada-traditions etc before you make a decision, especially if you are a woman. 

Ye India ki sabse badi bakchodi hai. You don’t have to depend on outdated traditions and customs to define your sense of morality. And notice, how people will say this mostly to anyone who’s not a cishet man. 


11. Mom eats after everyone else. 

This is not a rule. This is a non-rule. It’s dumb and patriarchal. I know that’s redundant but I had to stress it. 


12. Calling someone gay is an insult. 

If you still believe that or practice that, your existence is an insult to human evolution. Dinosaurs had to die so that you can live. And for what!


Alright, then. Class dismissed.