When international celebrities began talking about the ongoing farmers’ protest, they also gained a first-hand experience of what trolling in India looks like. 

As is the vile nature of trolling, most women tweeting in support of the farmers’ protest were trolled in a sexist and highly offensive manner. And then there were the usual troll comments that talked about how these international celebrities were being paid to tweet against the government.

Not one to take things lying down, Amanda Cerny, Mia Khalifa, and Rupi Kaur, indulged in one of the most epic takedowns of the troll army, while also serving us a legendary Twitter exchange. 

Though Canadian minister Jagmeet Singh also joined in the exchange, this conversation was mostly about women supporting women. 

Of course, netizens were a little in awe of these fierce women, and rightfully so: 

Now that’s what you call the perfect start to Galentine’s week!