Recently Mumbai Metro witnessed something new. Passengers broke into an antakshari session. Two teams were clearly made between the ladies seating area and the general seating area and what followed was the entire compartment bonding over antakshari.

This antakshari session in the Mumbai Metro happened under an initiative started by the Why Loiter Campaign. It is a women’s rights campaign that started in 2014 that aims at reclaiming public spaces for women in Mumbai by loitering. Taking to their Instagram, Why Loiter posted a video of this metro bonding session. The women sing Laal Dupatta and the other team sing Wada Raha Sanam.

Why Loiter – Instagram

The post also mentioned how a student who lived in Ghatkopar travelled all the way back to Versova just to be a part of this antakshari session. “Each time we start singing we are expecting someone to say “stop making a noise! I can’t hear my phone call” but it’s never happened,” mentioned the post.

This initiative went viral and people are overjoyed to see women reclaim public spaces. The video was also shared by Brut India on Instagram.

Feminist movements have, time and again, reclaimed public spaces to give women to make women feel safe when venturing out.