As we bumped into Awards For Good Boys on Instagram, we realised that the everyday miseries of dealing with moderate sexism and double standards in the dating world weren’t just exclusive to us. 

It was a universal struggle and this account does a really good job of proving it by giving men awards for ‘good behaviour’. 

That’s literally every mansplainer in the office justifying themselves and covering up after mansplaining. 

Sometimes I wonder if guys are looking for a mother in their girlfriends. 

Thanks for not cluelessly DJ-ing over my clit, you get a ribbon for that. 

Double standards 101. But well it’s progress, right? 

‘Funny man’ fragile ego imploding in 3…2…1.

Oh the power you hold when someone calls you a ‘bitch’. It almost sounds like a compliment. 

The staple, you’re somebody I’d get married to someday but rn I just wanna be a fuckoi. 

It’s not you, its me? 

Please remember that you can’t eat the cake and fuck it too, ok? I’m not a wishing wand who can give you everything that you ask for. 

Disclaimer: Don’t confuse my tattoos, piercings or the length of my skirt as a free pass. Tat-calling is the new cat-calling.  

Tat-calling= Tatoo calling. 

Please stop satisfying your ego by trying to imply that you’re the superior sex. We both know how true that is. 


When he’s ghosted you but he also needs an audience for his next flop gig, so he choses to become a zombie. 

WTF does ‘calm down’ even mean when we’re having a conversation? Is that something you say to shut me up and not listen to my opinions? 

When they tell you that you’re being extra and unreasonable but you realise that they’re just projecting.

Because the length of my shorts has literally nothing to do with comfort, right? 

Quick! Are the cameras rolling?

Of course, how can women have a tone? 

Justifying > Apologising 

Ohh, yeah honey ‘you’ and ‘U2’ are actually different.