Women’s Day is right here and almost all brands and organizations are trying to do their bit in order to make an impact. Dainik Bhaskar, one of the largest newspapers in India in terms of circulation, recently announced a small change in its matrimonial ads.

The newspaper will no longer publish details related to bride’s colour complexion in its matrimonial ads. Their statement read that each and every woman have their unique contributions to society which is above the discrimination of colour.

Dainik Bhaskar is one of the most read newspapers in India and people do refer to their matrimonial ads. This might be a small change if we think about it, but it’s an important step.

While the publication is receiving appreciation for this decision, people also have a few more demands and questions regarding their ads that contain information on caste, salary, etc.

“Good, now do the same for caste, religion, etc bullshit.” –  SaiyanRajat

“One step at a time … slowly but surely.” –  alphaqu2twice

It’s true that just removing the colour complexion won’t make them perfect but this could be the first step to other changes we want to see.