There’s something about Indian women having sex with multiple partners that sends desi men into a state of utter shock and disbelief. They think it is their right to comment on her sexual history and pass their unsolicited opinion. However, as a woman, you would think there’s one person who wouldn’t judge you for that and listen to your woes and that’s a doctor. Turns out, it’s not so.


Someone on Twitter talked about women exploring their sexuality with multiple partners. Dr Dhruv Chauhan, a doctor and a self-proclaimed ‘med-influencer’, jumped in and asserted that he would judge a woman and shame her for having multiple sexual partners. In a now-deleted tweet, the doctor also added that “having multiple sexual partners is not the problem, the problem is in your pseudo-feminist mindset which makes you proud about it and trying to make it the norm in the society! It’s neither fit mentality medically nor fit psychologically!”

Take a look at his tweet here.

Screenshot from Twitter

There are just so many things that are wrong with his statement. As a doctor, you aren’t supposed to judge people but rather treat them without judgement. People expect to visit a doctor and not be bombarded with unsolicited opinions but rather get good treatment for their ailments. He could have used this opportunity to talk about safe sex options. But rather he went ahead and talked about “pseudo-feminism” (only this doctor knows what that means).

He went ahead and said how having multiple sexual partners is not “fit mentality medically or psychologically”. Yes, having multiple sexual partners might increase the risk of STDs but it is the job of a doctor to promote safe sex options rather than shaming women for it. And it would not be surprising if he judges only women for having multiple sexual partners and not men.

His comment did not sit well with people and they slammed him for his problematic take. Here’s what people had to say about it.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality as long as you engage in safe and consensual sex. It’s 2023, can we please stop treating sex like a taboo?