Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes in the world but women are trolled, shamed, and at times, even sexualised for it. Umm, 2022 called. It wants us to step out of the 1950s, please. 

But these celebrities shared images of breastfeeding their children and broke the social stigma attached to breastfeeding, while also opening up about their struggles.

1. Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon has always been open about breastfeeding her kids by posting pictures on her Instagram account. 

2. Evelyn Sharma

Actor Evelyn Sharma was the latest celebrity to be trolled for sharing a picture on Instagram of breastfeeding her newborn son. She hit back by saying women have breasts for a reason. Attagirl.

3. Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly was one of the first celebrities to get trolled for her breastfeeding pictures after they got published in Stardust magazine in 2012. She hit back by saying she doesn’t care about the baclash because women are always trolled no matter what they do.

4. Padma Lakshmi

Model Padma Lakshmi gave a shoutout to working moms for breastfeeding and doing other work simultaneously. 

5. Neha Dhupia

Actor Neha Dhupia found Freedom To Feed, a platform where women can share their breastfeeding experiences. As a part of it, she put her picture of breastfeeding her son.

6. Shikha Singh

The actor opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding her child when she was down with Covid-19, by posting a picture on Instagram.

7. Ekta Kaul

Actor Ekta Kaul posted a picture of breastfeeding her son to promote autonomy for women to lactate whenever they want.

8. Amrita Rao

Actor Amrita Rao’s husband RJ Anmol, shared a picture of her breastfeeding their son. He talked about his experience on watching them in the post.

9. Shveta Salve

Actor Shveta Salve made a post during World Breastfeeding week where she talked about the fear of getting trolled for sharing a breastfeeding picture. 

Breastfeeding is natural and normal. And women don’t need anyone, least of all trolls, to tell them how to live their lives.