A former managing director at Goldman Sachs has revealed the sexist discrimination she faced in the company. Jamie Fiore Higgins worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years before she quit in 2016.


Higgins authored a book, Bully Market, that reveals her experience at Goldman Sachs. One of the shocking revelations that come from the book is the discrimination she faced at the company. She writes how when she had her first child a boss told her that she’d never reach the managing director position if “she was pumping milk instead of working.” That comment made her stop using the lactation room in the company.


When Higgins had a second child, she decided to use the lactation area once again. She wrote how male colleagues mooed and mimicked squeezing breasts as she used the lactation room. She added how some colleagues had also placed a toy cow on her desk one day.

As this news went viral, here is what Twitteratis had to say.

When Goldman Sachs was asked for a comment, they said, “Had Ms Higgins raised these allegations with our Human Resources department at the time we would have investigated them thoroughly and addressed them seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or retaliation against employees reporting misconduct.”

This is just one of the shocking revelations Jamie Higgins has made about Goldman Sachs in her book. Truly shameful.