Dear inventors, how about actually listening to women and innovating on things we really need. In case you’re clueless about it, here’s a headstart. 

1. Universal foundation for any skin tone.

2. Bobby pins that don’t randomly disappear.

3. Lipstick that stays on your lower lip for a change.

4. A Bra that looks good, feels good, & doesn’t want to kill you.

5. Smart undies that tell you when your period is over.

6. Stamp eyeliner that ensures a flawless wing every time.

7. A device that says ‘no’ to men for you 

8. A device that helps locate your BFF for you.

9. A camera that automatically takes your picture when you’re looking bomb AF.

10. Heels that don’t want to murder your feet.

And while you’re at it, give us clothes with pockets too.

Design Credits: Aakansha Pushp