The nation rejoiced today as Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu brought the Miss Universe crown back to India after 21 years! 

Last Friday, Harnaaz competed in a traditional national costume competition as part of the preliminary competition. Her outfit was designed to depict the royal Indian Rani or Queen, as well as the woman’s role as a protector.

‘Mirrors’ and ‘the umbrella’ were two major aspects of the national costume. The mirrors deflect bad luck and evil spirits away from the wearer, trapping or blinding the evil eye.


The umbrella, on the other hand, represents ‘shelter’ or the canopy of the skies, as well as protection. The sun is symbolised by the parasol, while the shade is signified by the umbrella. It is frequently used as a symbol of strength and respect.

Twitter is in awe of the glory that she personifies!

While some already anticipated her win!

Indeed, well deserved!