Unless you have been living in an isolated igloo without an internet connection for a couple of years,  you’d know that if there was an award for the coolest world leader, it would hands down go to Jacinda Arden. 


The New Zealand Prime Minister has not only won our hearts with her swift and efficient decision making and implementing skills, but also with her vision to bring in a revolution of change. 

New Zealand Global News

Jacinda Arden continues to redefine her coolness on Instagram, don’t beleive us? See for yourself: 

When she’s not busy making life-changing diplomatic decisions she gives her followers baking lessons.

 P.S: She baked her daughter’s first and second birthday cake from scratch.  

Turns out she LOVES all kinds of sports. From rugby to netball, she doesn’t really miss out on cheering for her team!

In the age of social media, she loves going through the adorable letters addressed to her by children! In fact, she handpicks and posts the ones that really speak to her!

It looks like Jacinda is not always a perfect superhuman. Sometimes she gets goofy and accidentally spills things on herself before meetings. This is so relatable, I can’t even. 

She also does put her feet up once in a while, but it looks like she doesn’t stop working! 

As a true leader, she often takes to Instagram to lift the spirits of her country-women and men! 

Jacinda doesn’t miss a chance to thank the superwomen who raised her! We should really learn a thing or two from her to appreciate our mothers. 

And some times PM Jacinda Arden doesn’t mind being a little goofy: 

She also seems to love JoJo Rabbit and Taika Waititi as much as we loved Yorkie!

Jacinda who was once one of the first PMs to ever attend a pride parade in public has made history with her love for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Also, this boss woman believes in climate change and has inculcated changes to save the planet, one-step at a time. We hope other countries also realise the urgency of climate change soon. 

Nothing much, just pictures of  PM Arden celebrating different cultures as her own: 

She doesn’t always upload perfect pictures with stellar angles, sometimes just like us she posts blurry photos too:

And she definitely doesn’t shy away from celebrating her momma moments and the struggle of juggling everything! 

Just PM Jacinda sharing the frame with a few other people we love and adore as much as her! I’m not crying, you’re crying.  

Ok Google, what do you have to do to start a petition to elect Jacinda as the president of the world?