With every passing day, men hit a new low. The misogyny that’s sunk deep within them spills out at every stage of life they are in, even after they become parents. 

The father of a first-year male undergraduate student of Kolkata’s St Xavier’s University lodged a complaint against the female professor of the university after discovering that his son was gawking at images of his professor in a swimsuit.

The Wire

Instead of backing their employee as posting photos on a private Instagram is none of anyone’s business, the authorities forced her to resign on the charges of posting ‘objectionable’ and ‘inappropriate’ photos – which they claimed had ‘besmirched the reputation of the university’. It’s troubling how low they stoop to uphold their superficial dignity. 

This event serves as a sobering reminder that a woman’s reputation is at risk, even at educational institutions. Instead of confronting his kid or at least attempting to normalise the female body, the father, who fears that his clean and devout son’s mind would be corrupted, wrote a letter to the university denouncing the professor. How messed up is that? 

Twitter is enraged and can’t believe that it is the year 2022 that we’re living in.  

Every time we take one step forward in bettering the plight of women in society, such a parent and author drag us two steps back. Shameful.