In our nation, we have a bunch of things that people take quite seriously before talking about marriage that are pretty irrelevant, to be honest. Being a short-heighted woman, I have heard ‘arre, tumhari height toh kaafi kam reh gayi’ all my life.

And, this man, in a thread, ranted about his family lying about his sister’s height on matrimonial sites and it showcases a sad, but true, state of our country.

Credits: YouTube

Ayush, a social media user who goes with the username @ayushittingme, took to his account and shared how his father has been lying about his sister’s, who has done her master’s and earns much more than the average man, height on matrimonial sites.

He also mentioned how he sometimes thinks that women get privileges in our nation and on the other hand, he feels that men are too entitled and undeserving.

His rant received a bunch of mixed responses and here are some of the replies:

It’s 2023 and we are still giving more priority to a woman’s height than her kickass career!