Society loves to tell women how to behave but it doesn’t stop at that, does it? It also loves to point out flaws in literally everything a woman chooses to do. You are always either too much of this or too much of that. Here are instances where women were told that they were not being “sad enough” after suffering a loss.

1. Mandira Bedi, who lost her husband a year ago, was trolled even then for carrying out his last rites and doing so in “inappropriate” clothing. However, as if things couldn’t get worse, people are now trolling her for having fun on a vacation. 

Which rule book says that you cannot go on a vacation after your partner’s death and where is it mentioned that you are not grieving if you choose to find happiness in things you like?

These idiotic ideas need to be dumped into the dustbin.

2. Actor Neetu Kapoor also noted in a recent interview that people expected her to be sad after her husband Rishi Kapoor’s death and would comment bad things, questioning her for enjoying life after losing her partner.

They want to see that crying widow – there’s a section of people. But, I just block them. This is the way I will heal. I cannot forget my husband, but we don’t have to be sad to miss him, we can celebrate him.

3. When Chrissy Teigen decided to open up about her miscarriage after 20 weeks of pregnancy, trolls said that she was “using” this to “promote herself”.

Seriously, what kind of a person do you need to be to make someone feel awful about sharing a traumatic experience like this? Also, it is for this reason, among many others, that women don’t speak about such losses. Chrissy hit back at the trolls later and said:

4. A similar incident occurred when Meghan Markle shared that she has suffered a miscarriage. It was Chrissy again who stood up to the bullies. 

Meghan published a write-up about her experience, to which a Twitter user commented:

Chrissy quickly responded to them by saying, “Award for today’s absolute piece of s**t goes to (name of user). Congratulations, piece of s**t”.

5. Meanwhile, Shehnaz Gill was slammed for going out and about after Sidharth Shukla’s demise. She addressed the issue by saying, “He never told me not to laugh… Sidharth mujhe hamesha haste hue dekhna chahta tha, aur mai hamesha hasungi“.

It’s wonderful that she chose not to get affected by this nonsense, but how awful that she was put in a situation where she had to explain herself. 


We need to do better as a society.