Harnaaz Sandhu won the ‘Miss Universe’ title after 21 years, and now a new glory is added to the list. 

Navdeep Kaur brings home the title of ‘Best National Costume’ at the ‘Mrs. World 2022’ and we are so proud of her!

Navdeep, who hails from a small town near Odisha’s Rourkela, was crowned Mrs. India World in 2021. She is now representing India at the Mrs. World pageant 2022.

The pageant is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Perhaps, Navdeep did not make it to the finals but has taken over the world with her costume inspired by Kundalini Chakra.

She stunned in the golden outfit donned by Avant Garde. The costume round required the contestants to showcase the essence of their country through their costumes, no wonder this striking gold attire served its purpose well.

Making the announcement on Instagram she said:

Heart overflowing with gratitude!! India we made it, We are glad and honoured to announce that our queen Mrs. India World 2021 has won the National Costume by @eggiejasmin_artist on Mrs. World 2022.

Navdeep’s unconventional outfit consisted of many elements of a serpent including a headgear, stick, long golden boots, a golden veil, and even her hand accessories.

“This collection symbolizes the movement of energy in chakras of the body from the base to the spine up through the crown”, she wrote. 

Navdeep has been married for seven years and has a six-year-old daughter. Though she did not have a history of pageants, she was always motivated to conquer the world of fashion.

Indeed, she is an inspiration to all women out there!

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