Deep within our social circles lie some men who reside light-years away from reality. They possess deadly ideas about women and our bodies. Basis personal experiences and accounts shared by so many women on social media, we have collated a list of wild myths men actually believe about women’s bodies.

Your mind’s about to get BLOWN. Quite literally!

wild things men believe about women's bodies

1. That we pee out of our vagina.

Some really old myth that GOD KNOWS WHY still exists.

2. Or clitoris.

Even something called ‘clitoroiuses.’

woman in disbelief

3. That tampons exist for our pleasure.

Yeah, cos periods are all about pleasure and no discomfort. Right?

4. When a woman is pregnant, the fetus lives inside her stomach.

Uterus, guys! A mother’s womb is also called uterus.

fetus. myths about women's bodies

5. If a woman is cranky, she’s most likely menstruating.

6. Periods are that time of the month when women are just really ANGRY!


7. All women get periods on the first of every month.

8. Women can schedule periods like trips. And postpone when needed.

Only if our biological clock had a google calender!

period clock myths men believe about female bodies

9. That women don’t get periods EVER after pregnancy.

Women literally bleed for about four to six weeks after the birth of the baby.

10. Women can get pregnant by swallowing cum.


woman unamused

11. Women only need one tampon while menstruating.

12. The sticky part of the pads is what really goes on our bodies.

I can’t.

woman in shock

13. Period blood is dirty blood.

This myth was constructed to percolate problematic notions of purity and impurity and further isolate women in our already male-dominated world.

14. Women gain weight after having sex.

illogical things men believe about women

15. Women ALWAYS bleed after having sex for the first time.

No, it’s not necessary, and it’s perfectly NORMAL.

16. Pregnant or not, women can breastfeed a baby at any given time.

unamused woman

17. That our stomach bump is an indicator of our sex-lives.

Or that the bump is our uterus showing. And it’s problematic.

^ Why do Andrew Tate fanbois exist?!

18. That vagina is the only hole in our bodies.

Kid, there are three holes: vagina, urethra, and anus. FYI: we pee out of urethra.

woman saying no

Why are men making decisions about women’s bodies again?

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