Saudi Arabia was once the only country in the world where a woman could be imprisoned for driving. After a long-standing restriction was overturned by royal decree in 2018, women were finally allowed to drive legally. Hana Mohsin Khan, who grew up in such a restrictive environment, went on to become a commercial pilot.  

Khan, who is a pilot with Indigo Airlines since 2019, recently experienced a defining moment. She finally landed a plane in Saudi Arabia and shared the surreal experience on Twitter. 

Journalist Faye D’Souza also reacted to the post, impressed by the Khan’s incredible journey.

Hana Mohsin Khan, a media professional turned commercial pilot, was praised by several fellow users. This is how they responded. 

The 32-year-old pilot, who is a staunch feminist, wrote compelling essays for numerous publications about the occurrence. Meanwhile, she is also active in social initiatives that empower women, children, and oppressed minorities.