It was mother’s day yesterday and people around the world did everything they could to make their moms feel special. One of them was Aman, an Indigo pilot.

Aman brought in his mother before the take-off and shared a lovely speech in front of the passengers in which he thanked his mother, also a pilot, for doing all that she has done for him. 


He also said that while he has travelled on many flights flown by his mother in 24 years, this was the first time that she was a passenger and he was a pilot. What a special feeling that must be!

Aman gave her flowers and the two hugged in the end before the flight took to the sky. All this while, his mother kept looking at him with a proud smile on her face.

Meanwhile, in the comment section, people have been sharing sweet comments for the mother-son pilot duo. Here are some of them.

We are loving this trend of pilots and flight attendants giving speeches before take-offs. Their jobs are not easy and their words throw light on the more emotional aspects of their careers. 

As for Aman and his mother, it couldn’t get sweeter than this.