We may have entered 2022, but unfortunately sexism is still pretty rampant (you’d think it would have stopped by now, at least my 13-year-old self did!). So we definitely need more people vocalizing their experiences, so as to call patriarchy and sexism out. Which is why this Twitter thread by UCL professor Dr. Raina Brands, who is a Ph. D. in Management, calling out gender roles is such a great read. 

In it, Dr. Raina Brands described a personal situation involving her child’s day care center. Where the staff repetitively insisted on reaching out to her despite being told to call her husband. It seems that the people over at the day care center seem to think that women are automatically more responsible for their children than their male counterparts. 

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t parenting supposed to be team-work? And doesn’t it depend entirely on the two people how they carry out their child related responsibilities? 

Well, Dr. Raina Brands took to the internet and gave everyone a solid low-down on gender roles and how deeply they are ingrained in our minds. 

Here’s how people responded to the thread. In fact, many people admitted to having similar experiences. 

Parenting. is. Not. Only. A. Woman’s. Responsibility.