Desi moms are in a league of their own. It takes a second for them to transform from a parent who will criticise everything about you to smothering you with love, literally. But we still love them. On this Quora thread, people reveal what makes their Indian moms happy and the answers are wholesome.  

1. “When the shopkeeper demands the price of Rs 500 for something and you finish the deal at Rs 150. When you bring extra dhaniya with vegetables. When you wake up early and make your bed. When you take a shower without getting scolded by her.

– Gurmeet

2. “When you talk to her brother, sister, mother regularly. When you wear at least 4–5 clothes in winter like shirt, inner, sweater, blanket, etc. When the whole family watches her favourite TV serial with her. Most importantly, when you don’t use mobile.”


3. “Making me do jhadu pocha in the name of the workout. Roasting me. Har baat par ghoom kar beizzati hoti hai. Taking really good care of her sarees and dresses.” 

– Sonali

4. ” When you score more than Sharma Ji ki beti. When you fill the empty water bottles and keep them well aligned in the fridge. When you share your WiFi with your mom so that she can watch her favourite serial without pause.”

– Viren

5. “When you clean the stove and slab after making tea. When you dance in a satsang or any other religious gathering. When you help her with household chores.”

– Viren

6. “When her daughter comes home safely from anywhere. When her child gets top rank in exams. When her child gets praise from the neighbours.”

– Mehul

7. “Studying 16 hours a day. Waking up at 5 AM, exercising, praying and studying. Bathing every day (two times a day is even better). Keeping your room clean and tidy (no, not even a single dust particle is allowed).”

– Himanshu

8. “Going to college/school regularly (read daily). Eating everything that she makes for you, even if you don’t like it. No opposite gender friends. Listening or agreeing to her every time. Not using social media. Treating every relative with the utmost respect.”

– Himanshu

9. “Living in peace with your siblings. Compromise not conflict. Staying at home, no roaming with friends. Applying oil on the head. (The more, the better). Keeping your beard trimmed or shaved.”

– Himanshu

10. “Appreciate mothers for what they are doing for us and see the smile on their faces.”


11. “Taking time to analyse their dreams and learning about their dreams and fulfilling them will make our mothers happiest.”


12. “When you bring clothes from the terrace. When you take a deep interest in her gossips about other aunties. When you spend time with her. When you gift her something. When you make a card on her birthday. When you take pictures with her.”


13. “If you live far away: video call her and talk to her and tell her about your day. Moms will be really happy if you learn how to cook and make yummy dishes for her. Teaching them how to use Facebook, how to take pictures, how-to-do video calls definitely makes them happy!”

– Rutvika

14. “You attend the call of relatives when mom hands you the phone. You maintain good relations with your neighbourhood shops so that she can get special treatments when she goes there. When you became financially independent, or start earning even though it’s a little bit.”


15. “You finish your plate until it reflects back your face. You have a good rapport with teachers and that teacher praises you during a parent-teacher meet. Bliss! You don’t forget the list of items that she gave you. An empty tiffin box from school/office/work.”


16. ” When you hand over your first salary to her. When you gift her a saree. When you don’t give anyone the power to insult her or say something bad about her. When she knows you’ll always be with her. When her kids get the success they deserve.”


17. “To see her kids absorbing a great set of values.”


18. “Her children growing taller and wider (not physically) in all aspects than her.”

– Vijaya

19. “When you happily let her apply litres of ghee on your parathe/chapatis. When you prefer eating moong ki daal made by her over McDonald’s. When she finally makes you accept her friend request on Facebook.”

– Anisha

Be right back. Going to hug my mom right now.