DIYs can be tricky. You need the right guidance to get desired results, else they could turn into a disaster.

Something similar happened when a Sottish Tik Tok user used a turmeric face mask, only to be left with a yellow face.

According to Ladbible, Lauren Rennie, decided to use the DIY mask after she noticed her skin breaking out.

Source: Indian Express

She uploaded videos of her applying the haldi mask. Soon she realised that her hands were turning yellow. In one of her videos, she wrote:

I've just applied it to my face and my entire hand has turned yellow. When I take this off my face, I am going to resemble the moon.
Source: Indian Express

Apparently, she had to scrub her face a lot to get rid of the yellow haldi stains. She updated her followers after the scrubbing and her face still had that yellow tint.

Source: Indian Express

The video has reportedly been viewed over a million times and people couldn't stop making fun of her blunder and some even said she looked like a Simpsons character.

One of the followers commented:

When people say they want their skin to glow I don't think this is what they're after. Thank you for the chuckles.

Another one said:

You went from Donald Trump to I am dying from yellow fever.

Someone joked:

Well, at least you have a golden glow.

This one was surprised if it can ever come off:

That is one of the best natural dyes... I'm surprised it came off at all.

While she learnt from her mistakes, her experience is making us say a big no to DIYs.