Teacher, author, and Infosys chairperson Sudha Murty has always preached about the virtues of simplicity and equality. And not only has she practiced what she preached, but also raised her children with the same ideals. 

In 2017, she visited the Jamnabai Narsee Campus in Mumbai for an interaction session with the students and gave insightful responses to their questions. 

And one of the most insightful advice that she gave was also a shining example of parenting done right. 

She gave an example of her own son, who wanted to host a birthday party in a five-star hotel when he was young. But she did not give him permission for it. 

She explained to her son that the amount he would spend on a lavish party could help provide better education to many impoverished children, including her own driver’s children. 

She reiterated that she held similar discussions with her children when they turned into teenagers, teaching them the importance of equality, hard work, and hard-earned money. 

And when her son was studying at Cornell, he remembered her teachings and told her that he was proud of the way she had raised him. 

In fact, he even contributed a nominal amount that he won in a scholarship for the jawans (soldiers) who sacrificed their lives in the 2001 parliament attack. Because he understood the importance of sharing wealth and being sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate than you. 

You can watch the complete session here: 

Kudos to Sudha Murty for raising children who believed in hard work, and not entitlement. And that’s an example that we all should follow. 

All images are screenshots from the video.