It’s no secret that no matter how successful you turn out to be if you are a celebrity, you will be subject to public scrutiny. But sometimes this scrutiny goes a mile further and takes a nasty turn.  

While ransacking Twitter, we came across a completely unnecessary and borderline barbaric video in which a surgeon on TikTok photoshopped Natalia Dyer’s (Stranger Things’ Nancy Wheeler) face to demonstrate how she’d inject it to ‘make’ it perfect. Seriously?

A heart-shaped face, pointy chin, lifted eyebrows, and toned masseters, this is what an ideal female ‘should’ look like, basically Kardashian-esque. Girls, if you want society to accept you, take notes, okay?

What irks the most is that the world has a prototype of what one should look like and women are expected to squeeze themselves into it. We’re just seeking clones of pre-designated beautiful faces. Great. Is there any room for uniqueness left anyway?


Such an act is a litmus test for why women are so self-conscious about their appearance, and moreover, it serves as another instance of women disparaging other women under the guise of ‘making them better.’

Twitter is fuming just like it should be. 

Imagine if a global star like Natalia Dyler is subjected to this, what would they do to the women taking baby steps to climb up the success ladder. They’ll be brutally pulled down and stripped of their confidence in a second. Don’t let them touch you. 

So, is someone tossing these surgeons out of TikTok or should I do it?