When the entire world was dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, there were a number of people who made the best use of their precious lockdown time. Kat Norton, an influencer, decided to create and post informative videos during her lockdown period. And today, she earns six figures per day with those videos.

That’s correct!

With whopping 527k followers, the New York City-based influencer creates viral videos in order to teach MS Excel tips and tricks to her increasing fan base.

Known as ‘Miss Excel’ on her social media platforms, she makes short tutorials to help her followers who are not familiar with the software. From showcasing great tricks to informing about shortcuts, she is now a full-time trainer and even sells courses to people. With her special courses, she manages to earn six figures salary in a single day.

In June 2020, when the pandemic was in its first wave, the 27-years-old influencer started posting fun short clips and garnered enormous popularity on Instagram and TikTok.  

In an interview, she mentioned that she only has one virtual assistant who helps her with graphics for her videos.

Pretty much everything else has been a one-woman show over here.

She quit her corporate job in order to become a full-time online teacher. She started posting videos as a passion project at first, but she earned her first six-figure earning in April this year. 

She even shared a small piece of advice to budding influencers:

I highly recommend that before posting yourself dancing on the internet, you do your fair share of inner work and make sure you’re at a place where you can handle what comes with that.

She aims to hit her seven-figure earning month super soon.