And this Instagram account WoodleDoodleDesigns, depicts these struggles perfectly.

If you are a desi woman, there are certain life struggles you might face that no other person from any part of the world can understand. 

When pados wali aunty asks you the 100th time about your shaadi.

When bistar is your best friend. 

Hey, we all have our preferences.

Baki sab toh theek hai but hair clip ab kahan se laun?

Single level 10000 unlocked.

Two favorite moods. 

Bas samajh jao, aunty.

Bas aapka aashirwaad hai.

Mummy, bas bhi karo. 

I am just pleasantly plumpy. 

Mummy, get a clue. 

Vicky Kaushal pyaar hai. 

Are you listening, bhagwan?

Kya mazak chal raha hai!

Uff! These are way too relatable.