If you have been noticing the events around the world, you may have realised that women have started speaking their minds more than they did before. And to make things worse, they have also started doing what they want. Just disgusting, right? 

Here are a few instances when they completely forgot sanskaar and brought us collective shame. Brace yourself.

1. When Ira Khan chose to wear what she wanted to wear in front of her father on her own birthday.

2. When Priyanka Chopra smoked cigarettes. That too in front of her mother AND HUSBAND. Outrageous.

3. When Swara Bhaskar portrayed the role of a woman who masturbates. 

An independent woman doing what she wants and owning her sexuality? There is no forgiveness for such sins. 

Times Of India

4. Tara Sutaria stepping out in a low-cut blouse as if she has the right to wear what she likes. No words.


5. Malaika Arora marrying and then divorcing Arbaaz Khan for money. Does she have no shame?

Obviously, it’s completely her fault if their marriage fell through. I mean, we don’t know anything that happened between the two but this is a safe assumption to make. 

6. When Esha Gupta decided to exercise her right to show as much skin as she desires to. What are people supposed to do? Mind their own business when something so wrong is happening?


7. Priyanka Chopra having the guts to meet the PM of India in a dress that showed her LEGS. Is this the global icon we want?

8. When Mahira Khan smoked in public. While wearing a short dress. With a boy. Shameless.

As the person below says – she is ‘lost and misguided’. 

9. When Sameera Reddy gained weight due to pregnancy and no longer had a perfect figure that all women should have. 

It’s biology? She should have controlled it somehow. And obviously, the fact that she doesn’t have a problem with her looks, is irrelevant in this case. 

10. Sushmita Sen dating a guy younger than her. Like, man. Is this what we want our future generations to learn?

And to add to that, she adopted kids when she could have simply chosen to marry someone her age and have her own children. Tch tch.

11. Taapsee Pannu sharing her opinions without any fear. Is this what we teach women?

She should know her place, dude

12. When Lisa Haydon decided to do something as unnatural as breast-feeding her baby. I mean, at least she could have found a room, right?

These women need to be given a lesson or two in how to be cultured because this is simply unacceptable.