Just when you think you’ve seen everything bizarre and different in beauty and fashion, someone comes along and proves that there is no end to innovation.

This time, we’re talking about a gangster girl’s epic experiment with her hair. See, you’ve got to be daring with this kind of stuff. She took a chance and it paid off so damn well.

Take a look at what this styling genius, Reddit user moniquey, did.

Quite an insane trick, eh? I know you wanna try it asap. Here’s how you can get the look:

So basically, she dyed her hair in two vivid colours, both split equally amongst the full volume. The trick to getting this right is making sure your hair parting is bang on.

It needs to be perfectly divided and balance to achieve this look. If done properly, one flick of your hair and you’re a different person!


This is pretty solid inspiration. I wouldn’t mind being two people at the same time! Thanks for the idea, lady!

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