It’s not surprising anymore when women are villainized for taking control over their own lives, own bodies. Misogyny is so deep-rooted that the sheer loss of control over us, makes people feel like the balance has been disturbed. The reaction to which comes out in the most insensitive ways. 

professor from Kolkata’s St. Xavier’s posted her pictures in a swimsuit. Given that, women minding their own business is an invitation to objectify and/or sexualize their bodies, a student was ‘caught’ by his father, gawking over those pictures. Like any ‘reasonable’ adult, the father lodged a complaint against the professor for posting those pictures, after which the university forced her to resign. 

While the entire debacle is peek sexism, a Twitter user (Anushka) rightly pointed out how women are always labeled for choosing what they cover (or not) their bodies with. The amount of skin-show is directly proportional to the sinister intent. The world thinks that we’re on a rampage when we wear things that they label ‘inappropriate’. 

All bodies are different and women are made to feel bad about it, constantly. While we’re only trying to do what makes us feel good or comfortable, society looks at it suspiciously – taking away the joy of enjoying our own bodies. The fact that the father and the university went on to blame the professor for ‘corrupting the student’s mind’ is proof that we cannot let women be. 

Women are not waiting to ruin or achieve anything with what they wear. No one, literally no one has the time or energy to. And we hit a new low, every time we have to spell it out for the world. If a man is ‘corrupted’ by looking at women, it’s clear who the problem is. For people who still didn’t get it  – IT’S THE MAN. 

Revealing, not revealing, wearing too much, wearing too little, all of it is a choice. And THESE shouldn’t be issues in the first place.