Every day during the pandemic, we have woken up, read the news, and asked ourselves, “What exactly remains to be seen now?”. Today is no different.

Today, we woke up to this.

This is disturbing on so many levels, it leaves you speechless – something that doesn’t happen too often now, does it?

Firstly, imagine the level the people are capable of stooping to, at a time when a raging pandemic is killing thousands every day.

At a time when making it to another day is uncertain, a man is capable of asking a woman to sleep with him because there is a chance that she might. 

There is a chance she will say yes for sex because her father is in the hospital, fighting for his life and she doesn’t want him dead.

Now read that sentence again. 

And keep reading it until it sinks. Then, we will talk about how it’s ‘not all men’, how women are ‘too dramatic’, how “things are changing”, and, how we must “stop complaining and do some actual work”.

Something on similar lines happened when women volunteers gave out their numbers to arrange help for the patients and they started receiving unsolicited pictures and requests to have sex in return. 

Hundreds of women complained about the same, and the issue remains unresolved as of now.

As a woman, my hope for a safe environment has diminished to zero. The world really can’t be worse than this.