As women, we’re constantly faced with situations which prove that we’re treated as second-class citizens. Provisions aren’t made thinking of women as equals or people who are independent. A Twitter user talked about the appalling condition of public toilets for women, and it’s further proof that equality is far-fetched.

National Herald

In this Twitter thread, she talked about how public toilets are unsanitary, where even basic facilities are missing. The presence of a functioning lock and water is the bare minimum and even that seems like a huge deal – because it has been achieved in only some paid restrooms. Women who have to travel for work or women who do not have access to toilets otherwise, rely on public washrooms. But these conditions make it almost impossible for them to use such facilities, or even if they do, they cannot feel safe.

The lack of cleanliness or the lack of toilets thereof, is a major issue that is not talked about enough. As menstruators, women should have basic access to sanitary conditions, and it’s not a privilege that can be dismissed. The situation of public toilet system in our country is definitely unhealthy. 

All we need are facilities that are accommodative of women as well, and at least a conversation around such issues. The condition of public restrooms and the way they’re situated at large distances, raises a number of problems that are not even addressed. I mean, what is the system expecting us to do? Hold it in?

Just a fact – women defecate too! And it’s time that basic sanitation is not treated as a luxury for us.