One thing every desi kid can relate to is extended family members and relatives placing random expectations on their shoulders. 

Whether it’s because they’re low-key living vicariously through the new generation of the family, or because they simply do not know how to mind their own business, Indian relatives have a way with telling others how to live their lives. 


Sadly, having boundaries is an alien concept for many Indian relatives which is why this tweet by Anubha is so relatable! In it, she has asked netizens about about the unsolicited “benchmarks” relatives have set for them. 

From losing post pregnancy weight to becoming a doctor or devoting their entire lives to their in-laws, here are all the unreasonable expectations netizens revealed their “well meaning” rishtedaars set for them:

For instance this. If someone does not want to do a maternity photoshoot, they simply don’t want to do it. Respect it, please!

‘Stay in lousy marriages,’ I think we’ve all heard of this one. At the end of the day, it’s nobody else’s call but the person who is in a troubled marriage to decide whether to leave it or not. 

Uff. Maybe we should send a broadcast text to all our relatives about our boundaries and life decisions, so that they understand it’s not their life, but OURS.